faratarh steel

Fara Tarh Steel Co. The trustworthy name in Iran steel market.

     Fara Tarh Steel (FTS) Co. has commenced an ever-growing business activity in Steel industry since its inception in 1997 in Iran. Ever since its establishment, it has played a key role in import and distribution of Steel products utilized in the housing construction and industrial projects.

Since Iran falls within the category of developing countries in the Middle East region, there have been a great number of infrastructural projects under construction throughout the recent years. FTS Co. has fortunately placed itself among the elite steel suppliers in the local market and has establish some strong business relations with the most accredited and world-renowned names in the market of Steel production in the world.

FTS Co. currently owns the biggest and most-expanded stockpile of Steel various products in Iran, and as a result has the vastest sales network in Iran and the neighboring countries.

The growing directory of FTS Co. high-profile local customers actively involved in the fields of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Housing, Power Plants, and construction of Steel & Cement factories is considered our firm's most valuable asset.

FTS Co.'s strong business resume and records over the past decade have helped it earn a well-recognized and trustworthy brand name in Iran's Steel market.